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Custom W123 Car Mats

— Handcrafted in USA —

The Original Auto Mat

Mercedes-Benz W123 Floor Mats were first developed in the 1950s when Mercedes used coco mats as a standard car mat. Crafted to order, coco mats will complement and protect any Mercedes-Benz.

Mats Custom-Made to Order

Every mat is hand-made to order in SC, USA. Our quality control is set high, and a set of our mats will not ship unless it meets our rigid standards. Any issue with a W123 chassis fitment, we will rectify the problem.

Contact us at 1 (800) 461-3533 or with your Mercedes Year, Model, Sub Model and we will send you our template and swatch to review, confirm, or edit if needed. We guarantee every fit.

Different Quality of Rubber
Every mat is hand-made to order in Fort Mill, SC.

The Quality of a Crafted Floor Mat

Mercedes-Benz w123 Car Mat

Tough Vinyl Edging

High quality leather-like vinyl edging in complementary colors to enhance and protect the sides of our cocomats.

Signature Rubber Heel Pad

Designed for quality and function. Our Signature Rubber Heel Pad will keep your feet in place and prevent mat damage.

Tight Woven Matting

Top-grade Anjengo yarn that has been spun to our stringent specifications to last longer and keep high quality.

1/8" Natural Rubber Backing

Our signature heavy rubber bottom molds to your floor while the soft nibs prevent the mat from moving.

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